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At Extreme Custom Apparel our main focus is simple our clients are the most important thing without you there will be no us, what we do and what separate us from the millions of custom clothing and print shops you can find online is not just our customer service it's what we do, and we have done all most everything in the print world, that's why our moto is, if you can imagine it we can do it. If you are in need of something that bling and glitter with over 20,000 rhinestones to something as simple as a one color t-shirt it's our goal to materialize your vision. We use only the best inks and a very detailprocess to make sure your design is just as vibrant and last just for years to come. Our production capability is from the little guy who's dream is to build is personal brand to the large corporation that need heavy production.

Our Services:

                                                                                             Screen Printing

Screen Print is the most cost effective way of decoration items and the most popular into days market. Screen printing is the process of where each color in your design is printed separately using a mesh screen, once printed the item is passed through a belt dryer that cured the ink at 320 degrees for proper adherence

Plastisol- This process is very common form of printing, the print you can feel because it's printed on the garment most of the shirts you will find in stores are done with this process.

Water Base- Water base screen printing is for customer that want the effect of screen printing what want a soft hand feel this process is done on  light color garments.

Discharge Printing- Discharge screen printing is the same as water base screen printing except it's for dark color shirts the ink contain a special activator that will remove the dyes from product being printed while dying in the new color, this is a high-end form of printing and is mainly used for more high-end garments.

Special Effect Printing-  We are the industry experts in this area, special effect printing is for when your design need to bling or pop here is a few of the special effect printing we offer: 3d printing, Glitter, glow in the dark, Foil, 24k Gold, Silver, and puff to name a few. All done by screen printing so you can be rest assured that after one wash your design won't fall apart.


Sublimation has been around for several years and is just now getting to be known, Sublimation is a dye process that dye anything that contain polymer (polyester). Sublimation is also great for small and large orders or when you need a you need a custom pattern print or a intricate design with vast amount of colors. here is a link to several sublimation shirts we produce that's been sold retail  this way you can get a feel of what sublimation is.

Spot Print- This is when your design is occupying only a part of the shirt, spot print is only available in light color garment.

All-Over Full Print- Your design or art need to cover the entire shirt both front and back there is no limitation on this process. the only down side is that you may have small cracks of white under armpit of shirt.

Cut And Sew- When you need a well finished products, we can print the fabric and have our team of expert tailors complete the production of garment. this will give you a flawless finish great for brand production and personalize company uniforms.


Embroidery is an ancient art of using thread and needle for decoration, but with modern day technology there is no limits to what you can do. Embroidery is great for hats, company uniforms and jackets.

Standard Embroidery- When you need a clean deleted finish our standard embroidery is a great service.

Puff 3D  Embroidery- The name explain this service 3D puff embroidery will give your design a raised effect and is great for fashion baseball caps.

Special Effect- Our Special Effect embroidery include metallic stitching, glow in the dark and color changing (color changing is where the thread use for design will change colors for example from red to blue.

                                                               Direct to Garment (DTG)


Order Your Custom merchandise we do more that just print shirts, need help designing give us a call 1-800-380-6106 to use our free design service